Someone has just died…

  • If they have died in hospital then your next step is to call or email us here at Fern’s Funeral Services. We will then make arrangements with the hospital to collect your loved one after a release form is signed by the relative.
  • If they have died at home or else where – then one of the first calls should be made to the police department. You can also feel free to reach us at Fern’s Funeral Services for guidance as well. Once the police have completed their due process and the body is delivered to the morgue then our attendant will work with you and the authorities to collect your  loved one.

Funeral Arrangements…

When making funeral arrangements, we are mindful as to if there are any final wishes of the deceased. These wishes we work with the family to honor. Be sure to have the National Identification Card of the deceased and National Insurance Number – as well as your own forms of Identification.

  • Details of Funeral Service(s) or Memorial will be highlighted
  • Sample Announcements and Obituaries will be highlighted for easy reference
  • Hymns or favorite songs should be prepared. We work in conjunction with the officiating minister to help in the selections
  • Casket or Urn suggestions can be considered

Clothing guide for the deceased…

  • For Women: Under garments & foundation clothing | Stockings/Socks | Shoes | Gloves | Head Piece | Accessories
  • For Men: Under garments & foundation clothing | Socks | Shoes | Shirt | Pants | Jacket | Tie (optional) | Accessories