Funeral Services

A service celebrating the life of a loved one may be from an elaborate church service in a cathedral to the quaint chapel services. Fern Greaves’ Funeral Services, has experience in planning funeral services from burial at sea to those with full military honors.

We take care of the wishes of the deceased and the family, when we liaise with various religions to ensure that all respect is kept.


The cremation may follow a funeral service or occur before a memorial service. Many families at times decide whether to have a traditional casket service elsewhere before cremation. Sometimes a family may want to proceed with cremation, and then hold a memorial service at which the urn is placed on a table display, often accompanied by a picture of the departed and a spray of flowers.

Memorial Service

The memorial service is an honoring of your loved one. It is an opportunity to morn,  say goodbye and also heal with the support of family and friends. Usually a small group from the family, or best friends with our expertise can plan the memorial service. This should be done in consultation with the person closest to the deceased.

Floral Tributes

Choosing flowers to honor the life of the person who has died is an important aspect of arranging a funeral.  The coffin or casket adorned with a thoughtfully selected floral tribute provides a key focal point of the funeral service. Consider carefully how you’d like us to arrange the floral tribute.

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